Aljunaid Modern Abattoir (AJMA)

AJMA aims to be one of the most sophisticated slaughterhouses utilizing the latest and highest standards in the slaughter industry.

The livestock sector plays a critical role in the Sudanese economy and the welfare of the whole population. The AJMA continues the revered institution of Sudan’s meat market by bringing a dynamic and improved slaughterhouse for our clients.

The Abattoir is a state-of-the-art complex strategically located in the west Omdurman, Khartoum covering an area of 63,000 sq.mts area. The main activity focus is the halal slaughtering of Cattle, Camel, and Sheep. Our highest priority is to maintain the quality standards and freshness of the meat which will be distributed in the local market as well as exported in the GCC and European regions. The purpose is to establish a modern slaughterhouse that meets all European, International and Sudanese specifications by maintaining the highest degree of technical and standard specifications that must be observed to supply the finest products.

Processing Capacity

Cattle Slaughtering Capacity

  • Killing Box: 35 Cattle per hour
  • 54,040 kg Carcasses production per day
  • 26,880 kg deboned beef production per day

Camel Slaughtering Capacity

  • 20 camels per day
  • 3,200 kg carcasses production per day

Sheep Slaughtering Capacity

  • 25 sheep per hour
  • 16,000 kg carcasses production per day

Sustainable and Efficient Abattoir

There is an increasing demand in the developing world for safe to eat, long shelf-life meat products and a growing awareness that existing production methods need to be improved. We have experienced Abattoir managers and licensed veterinary doctors that will supervise and monitor the entire process to ensure high-quality finished products by implementing the best hygiene standards to comply with the Middle East and European standards of importing meat and processed meat products. We have the best technical expertise and labor trained on all of the slaughtering, skinning, and chilling stages.

Proper functioning of abattoir can channelize the production of quality meat. We have smartly designed separate lines for sheep, cattle, and camels to serve the different requirements. Every stage of the slaughtering process has its own designated area capable of handling all the operations of the slaughtering process, carcass dressing, meat cutting and further processing of the product. Our facility is highly sustainable and efficient in handling operations such as the recycling of solid and liquid waste and the possible utilization of biogas produced from the process. The modern abattoir follows all quality standards and practices pertaining to Animal Welfare, Meat Quality & Safety in order to maintain a hygienic meat production chain.