Aljunaid Mining Waste Treatment (AJMWT)

AJMWT focuses on the waste treatment of gold residue from the mining and exploration activity through a process of tailing.

The prime location factory is based in Jabal A’mer – North Darfur, Al Samqoo Factory – South Darfur where extraction of gold and tailing process is conducted.

Mine tailings are usually produced from the mill in slurry form, which is a mixture of fine mineral particles and water. AJMWT recycles as much wastewater as possible by recovering water contained in mine tailings. We are able to extract about 30% of gold stuck in rocks, and the leftover soil is then treated with cyanide to extract the remaining gold.

After extraction from the mine, the ore is crushed and subsequently ground to a particle size that allows for the liberation of the metals from the host rock. Most mineral deposits are composed of many different minerals, some of which contain metals. The mineralogy of the deposit and the method used to recover the metals of interest define the tailings management system.

Our approach to TSF (Tailing Storage Facilities) risk management involves three steps

Robust design and site management including permitting, operational management, monitoring and reporting.
Regular auditing of conformance with internal standards and permit requirements at a site and corporate level.
Independent reviews by third-party independent experts.