Aljunaid Mining Exploration (AJME)

AJME is a dynamic mining company focused on gold exploration in Sudan.

Sudan is a land of unexplored mines and mineral resources which serves as a great opportunity for AJME to explore these resources.

Sudan produced an estimated 93 tons of gold in 2018, making it Africa’s third-biggest producer after South Africa and Ghana. The concession period granted to AJME range from 2 to 3 years subject to extension. The main commodities mined in these concessions are Gold and Copper.

Stages in Exploration of Gold


Conceptual targets and Prospect areas with anomalies defined from surface sampling programs subject to geochemical analysis (soils, auger drilling) and regional geophysical survey.

Target Development

Prospect areas with known gold mineralisation intersected in bedrock drilling in addition to anomalies defined from surface sampling programs subject to initial drilling.

Refined Targeting

Prospect areas with economic grade mineralisation and/or economic width intersection subject to follow-up.

Our Projects

AJMAC has secured six mining concessions in the Republic of Sudan. Out of all the concessions, only the A55 Hofrat Elnahas has on-going activities.

Brown Field Mining Project

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A55 Hofrat Elnahas
Exploration License for Block A55 – 16,000 km2 in South Darfur State granted to AJMAC on April 17, 2000. Hofrat En Nahas (HEN) was apparently exploited by the local inhabitants as early as 1838 and probably before that for copper & gold. AJMAC refurbished and re-evaluate the existing data and extending surface geological investigation. Approximately 6000 artisanal miners work in the area mining to a depth of approximately 40m below surface via vertical shafts and rudimentary infrastructure.

Green Field Mining Projects - Northern States

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Northern State B1 (NS-B1)
Located in the Northern State of Sudan, having a total concession area of 300 km2 and an initial concession period of 3 years (extendable).
Northern State (NS-37)
Located in the Northern part of the Republic of Sudan, near the Libyan border, having a total concession area of 303 km2 and concession period of 3 years (extendable).
Project Description
Gold mining activities in this region of Sudan have a long history (known since the Pharaonic Middle Kingdom before ~4,000 years ago). The area is promising for prospecting and exploration of ore occurrences and alluvial pluvial gold placers.

Green Field Mining Projects - Red Sea States

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Red Sea State Block 19 A (RS -19A)
Located within the Red Sea state of Sudan, 450 km Northeast of Khartoum, having a total area of the concession of 300 km2. The concession area comprises of orogenic gold mineralization and is generally associated with narrow gash veins, shear type veins and quartz veinlet swarms.
Block RS8F & RS8H
Located within the Red Sea state of Sudan, west of Port Sudan. These blocks are connected to Port Sudan by two dirt roads, northern and southern. The gold mineralization mainly occurs in the weak stress area on both side of the shear zone, and the gold deposits are in quartz veins and reticulate veins.