Aljunaid Drilling Wells (AJDW)

We take great pride in the social welfare of the region. We have completed 137 projects in total, out of which 90 projects were aimed at for social welfare of the community.

AJDW is an integrated drilling company that provides a complete range of services in well drilling.

We apply the most advanced drilling and well-technologies to offer high-quality services for residential and commercial purposes. With over a decade of experience in the water well drilling industry, AJDW has become one of the leading service providers in Sudan. We specialize in Water Well Drilling, Ground Water Survey, Geotech Drilling, and Exploration Drilling sectors across Sudan.

Clean water is a necessity all people need. Water well drilling is a means to get water to areas that don’t have fresh running water. We use high-quality and latest technology machinery, which helps us to achieve a high level of productivity, time frames, and economy in a scale of operations.

Our Services

Our services are guaranteed and proven across the region. Our rigs and vehicles are well maintained to offer productive service in the most competitive drilling field. Each project is thoroughly planned to ensure that the right workforce, equipment, and materials are used. Our professionals provide a safe and robust project while protecting the environment and safeguarding assets.

Three-Step Process for Water Well Drilling

Level 01

Before starting drilling in a particular area, the company undertakes the survey of the entire area, type of sand, groundwater source and quality of water. The survey studies the type of sand, type of rock, & water levels.

Level 02

It is by far not always possible to measure the elements of the bedding of layers with the help of the surveyor's report alone, hence we undertake the second level of groundwork when required to access the core. When the cores of pit holes and the walls of mining works are investigated, the measurement of the elements of the bedding and water source becomes more apparent.

Level 03

Some areas must undergo re-flushing after certain time intervals to maintain the quality of ground water. We undertake maintenance services annually or bi-annually to ensure the well is well-maintained.