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Aljunaid Construction (AJC)

AJC is an integral part of the AJMAC, as it has implemented many projects that have contributed towards developing the region's remote areas, especially in the Darfur regions. The company has implemented model villages and housing complexes with modern designs to suit the needs of the citizens.

We offer extensive design and build solutions in the construction industry, serving the government and private sectors in Sudan.

We opt for full transparency with the processes we devise and encourage open communication channels with our clients.

Our engineers and experts use an effective strategy to enable smoother operations, oversee budgets, monitor schedules, and meet regulations. The solutions we provide reflect our forward-thinking mindset, encouraging collaborative thinking, automated delivery, and a flexible workforce.

The partnerships we embrace with our clients revolve around this core philosophy as we guide them throughout the whole project lifecycle. Our clients have the ambition to drive change, and they trust in our design expertise to support them in this journey. We work with them to deliver their projects from vision to reality. We provide novel, data-driven solutions across a multitude of sectors – from feasibility studies and concept planning through to detailed design and construction.  

Our Construction offerings

01. Residential

We offer residential design, construction and project management services that transform your property into your forever home. You can count on AJC for high-quality results with emphasis on attention to detail, job site cleanliness, strict adherence to budgets and timelines, and close collaboration so your project turns out exactly how you want it to be.

Our services include:

Residential Home Construction

Home Renovation Services


Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Supply and Connection of Water Networks

Supply and Connection of Power Networks

02. Commercial

We are a leading commercial construction company that specializing in the design and development of commercial projects across Sudan. We adhere to strict project guidelines and schedules to help our clients establish their projects within budget. We focus on maximizing project resources and improving the efficiency of our labour, equipment’s and materials to ensure that our clients enjoy the best services & solutions. We define personal responsibility and roles at every step of the project to ensure smooth and hassle-free execution and completion of projects.

Our services include:

Commercial Building Design and Construction

Supply and Installation of Trusses and Ironworks

Supply and Connection of Water Network

Supply and Connection of Power Network

Commercial Transactions (Building Material Import)

Supply, Delivery and Maintenance of Solar Energy