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Founded in the year 2009, AJMAC is a leading multi-activities company based in Khartoum, Sudan.

AJMAC provides professional and innovative business services in diverse industries focusing on Construction, Mining, Agriculture, and Transportation. We believe in delivering the economic and social infrastructure that is crucial for the growth of Sudan.

AJMAC enjoys distinguished relations with several reputable commercial banks that boost our financial capabilities enabling us to efficiently succeed in our diverse businesses . Since its inception, AJMAC has implemented several projects in Sudan, especially the Darfur region. As a result, the company has gained a reputation in the region for its technical, financial capabilities, commitment and quality of performance.

We aim to create quality and excellence through our business offerings and achieve customer satisfaction in every step of our operations. Our business market growth strategies focus on the adoption of new technological advancements to expand our business footprint. Our clients are our top priority and we always seek to improve capabilities with our partners which majorly contributes to our company’s growth and success.

Group Strategy

AJMAC’s strategy centres on identifying and incubating new investment initiatives to continue its legacy in transforming the Sudanese economy. The Group has investments in both regional and global markets and is focused steadfastly on opportunities that will help to grow, diversify and build knowledge, skills, and technology in Sudan. Our ultimate strategic driver is to invest in and develop opportunities, which make a valuable contribution to the country’s economic development.

Investing in Growth

The Group is skilled at building companies from the ground up and growing talent and forming consortiums and joint ventures, strengthening our extensive portfolios. AJMAC also works diligently with its clients to identify and capitalize on future opportunities.

Moving Forward

We are an agile investment group with a steadfast commitment to partnership and business excellence. Our vision is for AJMAC to become an international leader in value creation, knowledge, and innovation through investment in diverse industries that contribute to the nation’s security and economic development.

Our Vision

To continue transforming the Sudanese economy by expanding our footprint industries while maintaining high quality and excellence in our product and service offerings.

Our Mission

To expand our footprint internationally and achieve operational efficiency through our group companies in the diverse industries of construction, mining, agriculture and transportation.

Our Values


Our clients are our top priority, and we strive to provide the most reliable service at all times.


We combine professional experience, craftsmanship, and a reliable hands-on approach to meet your project needs.


We diligently work to ensure the delivery of projects on schedule while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Delivering high-quality, high-value services to both individuals and businesses.

Corporate Compliance

AJMAC is committed to good governance practices across all our entities. Good governance is crucial to delivering our strategy, aligning our stakeholders, empowering executive management and enhancing accountability and control. Our Governance Framework is regularly reviewed in line with regulatory changes, the requirements of our shareholders, and the expectations of the communities in which we operate. The Group is committed to continually improving our governance arrangements to promote fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency across the Group.

We follow a Business Conduct and Ethics (Code) that describes the legal and ethical standards with which our Board members, Committee members, Executive Management, employees, and any third parties who have contractual arrangements with the Group. Our Code details the expectations of the Group relating to Conflicts of Interest, Anti-Fraud and Corruption, Confidentiality and Harassment. The ultimate aim of our code is to promote a culture of fairness, honesty, transparency and accountability. The Group also promotes an anti-corruption culture across its companies, highlighting a Group-wide policy of zero tolerance to corrupt or fraudulent practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

AJMAC is committed to providing a sustainable business model, combining a growing and profitable business with the promotion of environmental and social awareness initiatives. It actively supports CSR activities that promote wellbeing and contribute to the development of society.
The Group acknowledges that undertaking socially responsible initiatives is truly a win-win situation, as it appeals to conscious consumers and employees and can really make a difference.

The company participated in many social events in the various states of Sudan in support of the citizens.

The company ran a relief and aid mission to help those affected by the floods and rains in Wad Ramli on 4th Sept 2019.

The company ran a relief and aid mission to help those affected by the torrents and rains in Al-Jaili area on 9th April 2019.

The company ran a relief and aid mission to help those affected by the floods and rains in White Nile State on 8th Sept 2019.

Proud to be contributing towards Sudan's growth and sustainable development.

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